Bespoke city audio guides

tailored to your clients' needs


We produce custom made city audio guides and location specific audio content to any major European destinations or attractions.

We specialise in producing audio tours of:

  • London

  • Rome

  • Berlin

  • Amsterdam

  • Prague

  • Paris

  • Madrid

Our content, your branding

Our audio tour content is delivered on our neat little pocket sized mp4 player, the GuideBud™, for your client to keep. The GuideBud™ can be branded with your logo or any artwork you require.

Audiotraveler GuidBud player

Our audio tours can be supplied to your clients in any language.


We work with the travel industry and corporates


We produce audio guides for tour operators, event organisers, cruise lines, and destination management companies - as well as corporate clients bringing guests to Europe.

We also take commissions from galleries, private gardens and any other businesses requiring an audio guide.


Audiotraveler are proven specialists in creating unique, custom made city audio tours to enhance your clients' time with you.

Due to their flexible nature, our tours can be integrated into your clients' daily itinerary or enjoyed whenever it suits them. Audio tours are the ideal client down-time solution.

You tell us your requirements and each tour is individually designed to meet your clients’ needs, whether it's a themed tour or a general introduction to the location.

Using our business to business model, our audio guides are provided for you to incorporate as part of your client's package.   This model adds value by creating an enriching, memorable experience for your clients, whilst giving you valuable brand reinforcement and an additional revenue stream.

Audiotraveler's tours can be classic (the Changing of the Guard and Westminster) or off-beat (the Courtesans of London) or a mellow blend of both.  Special interest groups are particularly welcome.  For educational tourists we can even design tours that reference coursework and curriculum.

With simple, clear directions, intelligent commentary and first-class production values, our unique audio tours are provided on our GuideBud™ mp4 player which will quickly become your client’s best friend, providing that little bit extra to make them feel that little bit special - and set them apart from the crowd.

Listen to audio tour samples:

“We bring thousands of visitors to London every year for the New Year’s Day parade. Structuring their time is a major part of our work. We were looking for something that is easy to organise, educational and entertaining.  Audiotraveler are the perfect answer. They work closely with us to develop the right package of audio-tours specifically tailored for our clients. We’re happy and our clients are happy!”
— Bob Bone, Executive Director, Destination Events

About Us

Here at Audiotraveler, we're a team of dedicated professionals with a passion for travel, interesting facts and a good story, and if we can share any of that with you, then we're doing what we like doing best.

To date, we’ve been asked to develop route guides, parade guides, themed audio-tours, city audio-tours, and event integration, but we enjoy working with your ideas to create whatever you might want.

We're constantly developing exciting new walks, and discussing upcoming commissions. We look forward to hearing from you for any of your projects.

The company is headed up by Tyler Butterworth, who brings over 25 years experience to the team as an actor in film, television, radio and theatre. His production experience runs through from extensive audio work to high profile television documentaries for the BBC and the Discovery Channel.