What we do – and how we do it

Many travelers are still happy to follow a traditional city guide, but a rapidly growing number are striking out in small groups or as intrepid individuals. They’ve seen things on the internet that interest them. They want to come face to face with the city – not just see it through a coach window.

What you get:

  • Branded mp4 player for your clients to keep

  • Bespoke map to accompany the tour, that can be branded and packaged with the player

  • Tailor-made audio tour that covers whatever theme or content you wish

  • Added value for your client and brand reinforcement for you

How we work together

Ok,  you’re bringing a group of visitors to Paris for example. Of course there are the well trodden paths of coach tours and guided walks to offer, but we’ve found that in the 21st Century, tourists are more proactive. They want to really engage with their destination. They’re looking for something a bit more individual - they want to feel cared for.

We arrange a consultation meeting with you to discuss what you might be looking for, and together we come up with some exciting proposals for your clients. This way, checking with you at every turn that we’re moving in the right direction, we build your audio guide the way you want.

If it’s an audio tour you’re after, we will design a route which takes in the sights you want to include. We will also produce some sample tracks to make sure we’ve got the tone right for you.

Every one of Audiotraveler’s tours is researched in depth and then rehearsed on the ground, where it counts, and any improvements and adjustments are made until we're confident we've created exactly what you want.

Alongside the audio side of the package, we will also be producing a bespoke map that goes with the tour and comes packed with the players. Any artwork requirements are fed into the process at this stage.

We will also discuss the branding your MP4 players and lanyards. This way we can produce a themed package which boosts your brand and provides a memory of your organisation that will still be with your clients long after the visit is over.

Only when you're happy (and we're happy when you're happy!), we will have it uploaded to your branded ready-to-go GuideBud™ MP4 players and delivered to your clients.

All you have to do is give your clients time to enjoy them!